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Hale Bail Bonds LLC has been Native American-owned since 1996 and offers 24/7 service located near the Rogers County Jail. With payment options available, Hale Bail Bonds LLC is here to help anybody that we can. We are a DUI specialist and a DWI specialist, as well as offer traffic ticket services and warrant surrender in the Claremore, OK area. Our Claremore bail bonds service has become the most reputable service in the area and we are there when you need us.

Do not sit locked up, waiting for the slight chance that your uncle will get in touch with his cousin who knows somebody that can bail you out. Get out of that cage and start working on defending yourself. Hale Bail Bonds LLC is here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have the resources and professional network to prepare you for your trial with the luxuries of a being free citizen, as building your case from a cell takes a lot more time than it would on the outside.

Your time is more than valuable at this point, and it is vital to your wellbeing that you surround yourself with people that care about you and have a positive impact on your life. Being stuck in jail awaiting trial gives you a feeling of defeat that can have a negative impact on your thought process, as you cannot help but feel that you already received a conviction.