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If you are interested in warrant surrender, Hale Bail Bonds LLC is a warrant specialist with nearly two decades of experience in the field. Our service to the Claremore, OK area has earned us a sterling reputation as a bail bond company and warrant specialist. More often than not, turning yourself in is your best bet at getting the court system to offer leniency in your punishment, should the courts find you guilty. It is important that you have a company you can trust to handle your warrant surrender and bail filing.

We practice a non-judgmental method of doing business and promise to treat every client like a citizen with rights. We do everything we can to help you and understand that if you have made a mistake, rehabilitation is an option. Running from the authorities is never a good idea, and turning yourself in is a gesture that will typically turn out to be favorable for your sentencing. Do the right thing, and get in touch with the warrant specialist services of Hale Bail Bonds LLC.

Our areas of specialty are a direct result of our years of hard work and dedication to our clients and their families. We know what it is like to struggle through difficult times and empathize with the challenge that lies ahead. Hale Bail Bonds LLC makes a concerted effort to bond with each client and give any guidance we can to get you headed for better days and a much smoother path.

Hale Bail Bonds LLC has been in operation since 1996, and has seen just about everything over the years. Our duty is to provide our clients with services that are free of judgment and allow you to utilize your rights as a free citizen. Whether you are turning yourself in under warrant surrender, in need of bail bonds, or locked up for DUI charges, we are here to help.

If you have been accused of a crime or have a warrant out for your arrest, do not hesitate to contact us.